Ears & Hearing

Addressing hearing loss is crucial in preventing mental decline as research is increasingly showing a link between hearing health and cognitive decline.

Accurate assessment of hearing is important before hearing aids are prescribed. Be sure your chosen hearing professional has the tools and probably more importantly the expertise to diagnose the cause of your hearing loss and the proposed treatment thereof.

Nose & Sinus

Our airway begins at the nose and the management of medical and surgical conditions of the nose and sinuses requires adequate training and experience.

Amongst my peers I suspect I am one of the more conservative nasal and sinus surgeons. Perhaps it has something to do with my age! I have seen too many patients who are worse off following extensive sinus surgery. There needs to be careful assessment and failed medical treatment before sinus surgery is considered.

Throat & Neck

Unexplained throat pain which persists needs investigation

Hoarseness persisting longer than 2 weeks needs an ENT assessment

Difficulty swallowing or painful swallowing should be evaluated